This app is used to add an additional terms and conditions check box in the checkout page.

The customer would be allowed to place the order only if he/she checks this box. This could be used if there is a requirement to add an extra condition that has to be agreed by the customer before he places the order.


  • Additional terms and conditions can be downloaded from our site and installed using the default joomla installer.
  • After installation Go to ¬†J2store->Apps.
  • Click Enable under the App's name.
  • Click Open to configure the settings.


The basic settings category allows you to set up the following fields:

  • Show Additional Terms and Conditions

This has to be enabled if the additional terms and conditions checkbox has to be added in the checkout page.

  • Display type

The mode of display of the terms and conditions could be selected here.It could be displayed either as a link or as a checkbox.

  • 3.Article ID for additional terms

Select the article that holds your additional terms and conditions.

  • 4.Label prefix

Provide the text that has to be set as the prefix for the label.

  • 5.Label for checkbox / link

Text entered here would be shown as the text for the link or the checkbox.

  • 6.Suffix to label

Text provided here would be added as the suffix to the terms and conditions label.

  • 7.Enter text for warning message

This is the textbox for the validation error message that will pop up when the customer fails to check the terms and conditions checkbox.

NOTE: This option applies only to the checkbox type.

Click save to finish configuration.

Relevant Screenshot

  • The ¬†additional terms and conditions will be displayed like this in the front end of your site:
  • This is the article that has the additional terms and conditions.

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