Integrates J2Store with Bring, a popular shipping service in the Nordic area.


  • PHP 5.2 or higher
  • Joomla 2.5 or above
  • J2Store 2.7.3 or above


  1. Use Joomla installer to install the plugin.
  2. At the backend, go to Extension -> Plugin Manager and open the Bring Shipping for J2Store (type=j2store).
  3. Enable plugin.
  4. Enter Plugin Params


  1. PID Key - You can get the PID (Identification key ) from here and enter the Key here. Without this key, the param will not work.
  2. From Postal Code - Enter the From (Origin) postal code. That the postal code of the place from which the goods will be shipped.
  3. Handling Cost - If you want add handling cost for your shipping, enter your handling cost.
  4. Display Delivery Time - This option used to display Delivery Date/time in Checkout page.
  5. Services - Choose product Services for display in Checkout page.
  6. Tax Class - If You want to add tax rate for your shipping, select tax profile.
  7. Geo Zone - By selecting a geozone here, you can restrict this Shipping method from showing to customers from only that geo-region. Choose All geozones to show this method to all customers.
  8. Debug: - Enable/ Disable Log file for Debug.


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