This plugin integrates J2Store with FedEx Shipping rate API.


  • PHP 5.2 or higher
  • Joomla 2.5 or above
  • J2Store 2.7.3 or above


You can install this shipping plugin, using joomla installer.

  1. In the J2Store admin, go to Extensions -> Extension Manager
  2. Click on the Browse button and select FedEx Shipping (type=j2store) and click on Upload & Install
  3. Enable the plugin
  4. Configure the shipping plugin by entering the plugin parameters


Consider the images for setting up the parameters.

Here is the instructions for identifying Fedex credentials (Authentication key and meter number).

  1. Key

This is a unique FedEx key required to login.

2. Password

This is the password provided by FedEx and not your website login password.

3. Account Number

This is your FedEx account number.

4. Meter

This is your meter number provided by FedEx.

5. Handling Cost

If you need to charge a handling cost for the shipping, you can provide it here.

6. Display Delivery Time

To show the delivery time, set this option to Yes.

7. Test Mode

For live account, set this to No. For test account, set this to Yes.

8. Services

You can select one or more services offered by FedEx in this field for display in checkout page.

9. Drop Off Type

Here is a list of drop off types and you can select one from the list.

10. Packaging Type

Here, a list of packaging types are available, with various dimensions. You can select one or more types.

11. Rate Type

Valid values for rate type are:

  1. Account - This method uses the customers' account rate as the basis for the calculation of additional charges.
  2. List - This type uses the FedEx list rate as the basis for the calculation of additional charges.

12. Tax Class

If shipping is taxable and you want to add tax rate, select a tax profile in this option.


If you want limit this shipping method to particular areas, then you can select the corresponding geozone in this option. If this shipping is applicable to all areas, then set it to All.


If you set this to Yes, then an error log file will be maintained in the cache folder. It suitable for test account.

Always set Debug option to No in live accounts


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