This plugin integrates J2Store with USPS Shipping rate API.


  • PHP 5.2 or higher
  • Joomla 2.5 or above
  • J2Store 2.7.3 or above


You can install this shipping plugin, using joomla installer.

  1. In the J2Store admin, go to Extensions -> Extension Manager
  2. Click on the Browse button and select USPS Shipping (type=j2store) and click on Upload & Install
  3. Enable the plugin
  4. Configure the shipping plugin by entering the plugin parameters


1. Web Tools Username

This is the username you have used in web tools account. You have enter it here.

2. Web Tools Password

Enter the web tools account password here.

Don't know how to get API credentails ?
Please register here:

As soon as you register, USPS will send you an email with the API keys. You need to enter them in the plugin parameters.

And make sure the Test mode field is set to NO in the plugin parameters.

3. Origin Postal Code

Enter the postal code from where the shipping is actually made.

4. Domestic Services

You have a lot of domestic services offered by USPS. You can select more than one service.

5. International Services

Like domestic services, there is a lot of International Services also provided by USPS. You can select multiple services.

6. Packaging Size

There are two packagign sizes. Regular and Large. Any one can be selected.

7. Container

This option has three values. Rectangular, Non-Rectangular and Variable.

8. Machinable

Select Yes or No


The length of the package or box, in the given units (mm, cm or inches).

10. Width

The width of the package or box, in the given units (mm, cm or inches).

11. Height

The height of the package or box, in the given units (mm, cm or inches).

12. Display Delivery Time

If you want to display the delivery time, select Yes in this option.

13. Weight Unit

Select the desired unit in which you want to measure the weight, like, kilograms, pounds etc.

14. Tax Class

If shipping is taxable and you want to add tax rate, select a tax profile in this option.

15. Geozone

If you want to limit this shipping method to particular areas, then you can select the corresponding geozone in this option. If this shipping is applicable to all areas, then set it to All.

16. Show Debug Messages

If you set this to Yes, then an error log file will be maintained in the cache folder. It suitable for test account.

Set this option to No in live site

17. Handling Cost

If you need to charge a handling cost for the shipping, you can provide it here.

18. Use test server

USPS Shipping offers a testing suite called test server. Before going live, you can test your store using USPS test server feature.

Video Tutorial:


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