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Facebook conversion pixel tracking

The Facebook pixel is an analytics tool that helps you measure the effectiveness of your advertising. You can use the Facebook pixel to understand the actions people are taking on your website and reach audiences you care about.

What our app does ?

The app integrates and enables the facebook conversion pixel tracking.

It places a conversion pixel (provided by Facebook) at the thank you page, which will help you know exactly which facebook ads led to your conversions.

All you have to do is enter the Pixel Tracking ID in the app params to get it working.

Basic requirements

  1. PHP 5.5+
  2. Joomla 3.x and above
  3. J2Store 3.2.10+


  1. Download the app from our site and install it in your site using Joomla installer.
  2. After installing, from your site’s backend go to J2Store > Apps and click enable on the app named “Facebook tracking for J2Store”.
  3. Once activated the app, click on Open to enter the tracking ID.

There is no complex in configuring this app. If you open the app, you would see the text for entering the Facebook Pixel Tracking ID.

Enter your tracking id in the text box and save.