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Language based currency

This app switches the currency automatically based on the language chosen on the site by the user.

The language based currency app would be useful for multi-lingual sites when you wish to collect payments in different currencies and wish to switch the currencies based on the site language chosen by the user.


Languages available on the store: English and German. Currencies available: USD and EURO.

Currency switch requirement:

Currency has to be set to USD when the site language is English and has to be switched to EUR when the site language is set to German.

This can be achieved by installing the app Language based currency on your multi-lingual site and assigning the appropriate languages to the appropriate currencies in the app’s settings.


You could download the app from the My downloads section on the J2Store site and install the language based currency app using the default Joomla installer. Post installing, navigate to J2Store->Apps and enable the plugin.

IMPORTANT: The language based currency app would work only if the plugin System-Language currency switch is enabled under Extensions->Plugins.


  • The site should be a multi-lingual site. Here is how you could setup a multi-lingual site with J2Store:
  • The site should have multiple currencies. Here is how you could set up multiple currencies on your store:


Navigate to J2Store->Apps and open the language based currency app. The list of currencies available and the list of languages available would be listed. Map the appropriate languages with the corresponding currencies which you wish to switch based on.

TIP: You could assign multiple languages for a single currency as well.



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