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booking and reservations

Want to use your store as a ticket booking system?

Have been wanting a solution to achieve this for a long time?

The wait is over. Here comes the app “Bookings and reservations” to meet your needs.

Transform your shopping cart into a ticket booking system by creating bookable products.

Sell date or time based bookings and reservations, sell tickets and more. Manage availability by date or time and what not?

Want to offer price differences based on person types? Now that is also possible.

Offer appointments, services, bookings or rentals in your Joomla website with J2Store.


Our bookable product type allows you to set up bookable products for reservations, services and rentals/hires. Bookings can be given customizable dates, costs and duration, and can be purchased.

Here are the features that come handy with the app:

Flexible Booking slots

Create fixed or customer defined booking slots. You can offer a block of dates or time slots for booking or the customer can decide when to book your offerings.

Bookable types

You can create bookable products based on date, time, a combination of date and time, or by month, customer-defined.

Multi-person bookings

Customer can book for multiple persons. Example 2 Adults and 3 Children. The pricing could be defined accordingly. You could offer per-person discount as well.


You can make only certain days or time slots available for booking. Example: A room could be booked only on August 24 and 25. The rest of the days or time slots would be unavailable for booking.

Manage inventory

You can manage the bookable inventory in days or time slots. As soon as a bookable slot is full, it will not be available for the customers to book.

Booking multiple days

Let customers choose multiple days for booking a resource. Example: A car could be rented on September 20,21,22,23. Customer could choose all the four days and book.The pricing could reflect his selection.

Custom-tailored booking costs

You can define the cost of the booking made. Apart from the regular price of the product, every block could have an additional cost.

Calendar views

Display the availability, booking slots in a calendar format to the customers. Highlight the availability.

Seamless management of bookings

Manage the bookings in your site on the go with the app.