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Setting up tax for your products

Requirement for the tax to take effect:

  • Geozone has to be set up for which the tax has to apply.
  • Tax rate has to be set up.
  • Tax profile has to be created.
  • Tax rate has to be associated with the tax profile.
  • Tax profile has to be assigned to the products for which tax has to be levied.


Tax geozone: USA

Tax rate: 10%

Tax profile name: US-TAX**

**Steps: **

  • Navigate to J2Store->Localisation->Geozones and create a new geozone.

Creating a new geozone

  • Type in a name for the geozone, add the countries for which the tax has to be applied.
  • Case A: Apply tax only for few zones within USA.

Filling in details on the newly created geozone  2. Case B: Apply tax for all zones within USA.

Adding country

  • Navigate to J2Store-> Localisation->Tax rates->Click new. Adding a new tax rate
  •  Fill in the name, tax percentage, geozone and publish the tax rate. Filling in the tax details in a tax rate
  • Navigate to J2Store->Localisation->Tax profile->New. Adding a new tax profile

Fill in the profile name, set the status and map the tax rate on the profile, choose the associated address.

Adding details to tax profiles

  • Navigate to J2Store->Catalog->Products(Or Content->Articles). Navigate to Product manager
  • Edit the products for which you wish to collect tax. Navigate to the J2Store cart tab. Choose the tax profile and save. Setting tax profile in product
  • Frontend: Tax rate in frontend Tax rate in cart page

Thus tax would be levied on the product as per the configuration.


Please refer the following list of troubleshooting steps: