Siswo Payment Plugin

This plugin integrates J2Store with the Sisow Payment gateway


Install the plugin using the Extension manager of Joomla like any other normal Joomla plugin


Go to plugin manager and open the Sisow iDEAL Payments.The plugin has the following options or parameters.

Payment Option Title Enter a name here. It will be shown in the payment selection area of the checkout page. Default: Sisow iDEAL Payments.

Merchant ID The merchant ID provided by the Sisow.

Merchant Key The merchant key provided by the Sisow.

Use sandbox for testing You can set this to Yes to test the integration with Sisow.

IMPORTANT: This requires the option ‘Test with Simulator’ to be selected in the Sisow account configuration section ‘My Profile – Connection’ (true/false; yes/no)

Article ID for Thanks MSG You can create an article and enter its ID here to show a message or instructions to your customers after they complete the payment.

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