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Translating Product Options

Translating product options

Do yo want to translate your product option to site’s languages? Yes, it is possible in J2Store by using Joomla’s default language oveerride method.

All you have to do is give the language string as your option name and create the language override for it.

Let’s see below how to translate the product options.

Creating product options

  1. Go to J2Store > Catalog > Options and click new

translating options

2.Enter the name for your option and option values. Both name should be in language string. Refer below image:

translation option2

Creating language override

  1. Go to Extensions > Languages > Overrides and set the filter to Administrator location and then click New.

translate option 3

  1. Enter the language string (which is given as a option name) and give its value in the Text box. Choose For Both locations and save.

translation option4

  1. Likewise, create language override option values.

Adding options to the product

  1. Go to Article manager and edit your product
  2. Move to J2Store Cart tab and then navigate to Options tab
  3. Search for the options and add to it and save


  1. Click on Set values to create the option values for the product and save.

translate option 6

Relevant screenshot of frontend:

translate option 7