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Products not visible on storefront

This is one among the most commonly reported issues. There might be a number of reasons why this happens and here are some of the prominent reasons. The following article might be of help to you to understand some of the common reasons for product not being displayed in the store front.


Product created but is not reflecting in the storefront.

Causes and resolution:

Is this product treated as a product :

Navigate to J2store Cart.Check if the “Treat as a product” is to Yes. Treat as product

Product Status:

Check your product status.Make sure you have the status as Published . Publish product

Choose a category in menu

Make note of the category which you have set for the Article. Navigate to Menu ->All menu items ->Your product menu ->Details ->Choose a category. Check if the category to which the article belongs is chosen. Choose category

Choose category in menu

Category published : 

Make note of the category which you have set for the Article.Navigate to Content ->Article->category and check whether the category to which the article belongs is published. Is category published

Category published

Navigate to Menu ->All menu items -> your required menu . Check whether the menu containing the category of the article is published .

Menu Published

Is menu published