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Troubleshooting Checkout Issues

How to enable guest checkout only?

  • Would you like not to allow customers to register and only want to enable guest checkout alone ?
  • J2Store allows you to do that simple steps.
  • Go to J2Store > Configuration > Cart tab
  • Set NO to show login form during checkout
  • Set NO to Allow quick new user registration
  • Set YES to Allow Guest Checkout.
  • Save.

guest checkout guest checkout only

Is your layout of checkout form displaying in single column?

It seems to be choosing of wrong bootstrap class for cart and checkout pages.


Go to J2Store > Configuration > Basic settings tabChoose Bootstrap 2.x to Cart and checkout pages should use CSS classesSave.

If it is already set to bootstrap 2.x, change to bootstrap 3.x and save.Clear the cache and check.

Still issue arises ? You might have added wrong bootstrap class in another place. Go to J2Store > Configuration > Checkout layout tab

Do you see some thing like below in checkout billing address layout and checkout shipping address layout?

[first_name] [last_name] [email] [phone_1] [phone_2] [company] [tax_number]
[address_1] [address_2] [city] [zip] [country_id] [zone_id]

Simply remove this and leave the text area empty. Save and check.

Checkout steps not working ?

The checkout steps in J2Store use AJAX extensively in order to provide customers with a better online shopping experience. Customers do not have to wait for the checkout pages to refresh. The entire checkout is handled within a SINGLE PAGE and the checkout steps are loaded in an accordin style.

If your checkout steps are not working, then follow the checklist here to troubleshoot

Caching and JS optimize

Please check if you have enabled conservation caching in Joomla Global configuration. If yes, disabled caching in global configuration and then check if checkout works.

Also make sure you have not enabled System - Page Cache plugin and System - J2Page Cache plugin. If you are using any JS optimize plugin, that will also cause this issue.

Javascript conflicts

Since checkout steps are loaded in real-time using Ajax, any Javascript conflict in your site might affect the process. You will see the Checkout steps not unfolding or when you press continue button, nothing will happen.

Solution: Installing and configuring a Javascript manager like jQuery Easy plugin will solve most of the issues. If the problem remains unsolved, follow the troubleshooting method described below.

Troubleshooting Method: Open your website in the Google Chrome browser. Open the browser menu and go to Tools -> Developer Tools

You can see the Developer Tools window opening at the bottom of the browser. Navigate to the Console tab.

developer tools

Now Refresh your website, add a product to cart and go to checkout. The Console tab will now show you javascript conflicts, if any, in the site. It will also show you the file name and the line number that produce the error. Take a screenshot and send it to us and also send a copy to your template provider. We will check and get back to you with the solution.

troubleshoot console

Issue with Account Registration and FreeBSD

Sometimes, customer will not be able to pass the Account Registration and Billing step. To solve this issue, please make sure that the Allow Registration is set to YES in Joomla Administration - Users - Options

If the problem continues, go to Joomla admin - system - System Information tab.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The following instruction applies only to those running PHP on a FreeBSD operating system.

Check the value for PHP Built On. It tells you the Operating system of your hosting server. If it says, FreeBSD, then contact your host. In FreeBSD, the Filter extension is not enabled by default. Enabling it solves the problem. More information can be found in the thread

Sometimes, it might also be because of a small misconfiguration. Please make sure that you have set the option Prevent user from checking out if no shipping is selected under J2Store->setup->configuration->cart.

troubleshoot image

VERY IMPORTANT: This option should be set to Yes only if you have shipping methods configured and want to stop the user from creating an order without selecting the shipping costs. If not, this might block the checkout process.

Checkout goes in Loop

Sometimes, customers will be redirected from the Shipping and Payment step to the first step (Loop). Or you may not be able to proceed when you click Continue at the Billing or the Shipping step.

Solution: Go to Users -> Options

Make sure the following fields are set as per the configuration given below. And then do a purchase and see if the checkout works fine.

user configuration

If you still face issues, then there could be several reasons for this behavior. Please create a private ticket (Go to the support menu ) and provide super user logins. One of our developer will help you troubleshoot and solve the problem.

Could not proceed to payment step. Stuck at the Shipping step

Make sure you are not having any old template overrides. If you are using a template like JSN One, you might be having template overrides for checkout layout.

  • Go to /templates/YOURTEMPLATE/html/comj2store
  • Do you see a folder named: checkout
  • If yes, rename it as: old_checkout
  • Now check.

Checkout Login and Registration not works

It is because the permission you have given at Joomla global configuration might be wrong.

Go to Joomla global configurationMove to Permissions tabUnder Public, choose Not Set to Site Login.Under Registered tab, choose Allowed to Site Login.Save.

If you are using the content component K2, then please make sure the K2 user profile has been disabled in confgiuration.

  • Go to Components > K2
  • Click Parameters on top right of the page
  • Now move to Advanced tab
  • Set NO Enable K2 User Profile
  • Save.

How to set default payment option in checkout payment step ?

Go to J2Store > Configuration > Cart tabYou can see the param named “Default payment method”Choose your payment method from the dropdown listSave.

Writing template override for checkout page

The below directory path controls the checkout page work flow./components/com_j2store/views/checkout

Copy all the file in above folder and paste it in/templates/YOUR-SITE-TEMPLATE/html/com_j2store/checkout

Edit the files and make your changes and save.