is app allows store owner to combine the products and sell it as one single product. When bundling products, the app will allow only simple, configurable and downloadable product types without options. Product which are having options can't be added.


  1. PHP 5.4 or higher
  2. Joomla 3.3 or above
  3. J2Store 3.2.12 or above


  1. Use the joomla installer to install the app.
  2. Go to J2Store > Apps, find the Bundle Products app and click enable to activate the app. 

   3. Once enabled, you don't need to configure anything in the app. Just go to article manager and click new article. 

Bundle Products

  1. Once you enabled the app, you can see Bundle Product as one of the product types listed in the product type dropdown. Refer the picture below 

2. Select the product type Bundle Product and click save. 

3. Go to J2Store cart and scroll down where you can see the navigation menus (General, Pricing, Inventory, Images, Shipping, Filters, Relations, Apps)

4. In general tab, choose YES to visible in storefront and navigate to apps.

5. Then navigate to several tabs (Pricing, Inventory, Images, etc) to add price, image, maintain stock.

6. Go to apps tab where you can see the search box to search for the products.

7. Type two or three characters of your product. 

8. If the product you are searching for is not listed, the reason is that the product might be having options. Since this app allows only the product without options, the product with options cannot be added into the group.

9. Once the products are added, save article and check in the front end.

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