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Coupons are vouchers preloaded with specific values and discount credentials that enable customers to shop online with extra privileges.

The above image shows how to create a coupon and add the details for a coupon. See the images below for a complete information on creating a coupon.

Coupons hold the following information required for a successful process of purchase.

Basic Settings

  • Coupon Name - Name of the coupon you wish to offer
  • Coupon Code - Unique code assigned to the coupon for the customers to make use of the coupon
  • Published - Set this to 'Yes' to make the coupon available to customers
  • Free Shipping - Set this to 'Yes' to make shipping free of cost
  • Value - Value of the coupon
  • Value Type - Value of the coupon is fixed amount or a specific percentage of the order value
  • Valid from and Valid upto - Set the coupon validation here. Choose the dates between which the coupon is valid.

Advanced Settings

  • Product Categories - Choose the categories to which the coupon must applied.
  • Products - Coupon usage applicable to the products added here.
  • Brand or Manufacturer - Coupon usage applicable to the brands or manufacturer added here.
  • Customer Groups - Coupon usage will be restricted to the user groups selected here.
  • Users - IDs of users for whom the coupon should apply, empty for all customers
  • Minimum spending - minimum value required to avail the coupon privilege.

Usage limits

  • Uses per coupon - limit of using the coupon for privileges by any user, empty value is for unlimited use
  • Uses per customer - limit of using the coupon for privileges by one customer, empty value for unlimited use

Free shipping after coupon applied


Additional Note

For any coupon to be displayed on the add to cart page, it must be enabled in the following places:

  • Under J2Store->Settings->Configuration->Discount tab->Enable Coupons.
  • Under the main Coupon's page in J2Store->Sales->Coupons.Click on the Checkbox under the field Enabled to enable/disable individual coupon.
  • In the coupon's basic settings under J2Store->Sales->Coupons and choose the coupon which you want to ¬† ¬†enable or disable.

More videos on coupons:

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