This plugin integrates J2Store with the WorldPay payment gateway.


Go to Extensions Manager and Install the plugin by choosing the plugin pack.


World Pay configuration

Login to your Merchant Interface and go to Installation → Integration Setup

Payment Response URL

Replace "" with your domain name.

Payment Response Enabled

Check this check box. Only then the order status will be updated automatically, if payment is successful. Otherwise, you will see incomplete orders.

Payment response password

DO NOT fill anything here. Leave it empty.

MD5 Secret for transactions field

Enter a password / Key here. Remeber this as you have to enter this in the plugin setup as well.

Signature Fields

Enter the following value to SignatureFields field in the Integration Setup in WorldPay: instId : cartId : amount : currency

Plugin configuration

Go to Joomla admin->Plugin manager->WorldPay and open the plugin, fill in the params (refer the explanations below), save the plugin and enable it.

Payment option title

Enter a name here. This will be displayed in the Payment selection page (during checkout).

WorldPay Installation ID

Installation ID provided by the WorldPay. Login to your Merchant Interface and Go to Installations->test or production environment to see the Installation ID.

Secret MD5 key

This is the key you have created in the previous step in your World Pay merchant interface.

Use WorldPay Test EnvironmentIf you want to test your set up, set this to yes.

Article ID for Thank you Message

Create an article in Article Manager with a thank you message to your customers and save it. And note down its ID. Enter this Article ID here.

The next five fields are used for shopper response displayed after the shopper pays.

Response Heading

This heading will show as a title in the response page.

Response message

A short message displayed under the response heading. This can be like an intro or a help text to your customer.

Success message

This message will be displayed if payment is successful.

Failure message

This message will be displayed if payment failed.

Return Link Title

Title of the return link displayed in the shopper response.


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