The plugin integrates 2Checkout payment gateway with J2Store.


You can install the plugin through the standard Joomla installer.


Payment Option title

Enter a name that will be shown in the payment methodsselection during the checkout process. Default is 2Checkout

Account Number

Your 2Checkout Account Number.

Secret Word

The secrete word you set up in your 2Checkout Account.To set up the secret word please log in to your 2Checkout account, click on the “Account” tab, then click on “Site Management” subcategory. On the “Site Management” page you canenter the Secret Word in the field provided under Direct Return. After you have entered your Secret Word click the blue “Save Changes” button at the bottom of the page.

Demo modeSet to Yes, to work with your demo mode. Your 2Checout Account should be set in Demo mode. Set this to No for live sales. Consult 2Checkout documentation for more info.

Sandbox Mode

Setting this to Yes will make the plugin to use the 2Checkout's demo server. Set this to No for Live sales.

Automatic Language Selection

Set this to Yes to allow the plugin to determine thelanguage automatically based on your Joomla site.Default Language

Set the default language for the 2Checkout payment screen.Default Payment Method

This will set the default selection on the payment methodstep during the checkout process. This defaults to Credit Card.

Skip landing page

Set this to Yes to skip the order review page on the 2Checkout payment screen.

Page Type

2Checkout offers two different payment page types. Multiple pages and Single page.

NOTE: often 2checkout defaults to multi-step page, ignoring this setting.

Joomla Article ID for custom thank you message

You can create an Article ID with a message 'Enter the article ID here', to show it to the customer after completion of the purchase.


You can post in if you have any questions.

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