J2Store offers you to set advanced pricing for your product. The following steps will guide you on how to set advanced pricing for your product.

Step 1 Set advanced pricing

  • Go to article manager and create / open the article.
  • Click on J2Storecart tab and navigate to the Pricing menu.
  • Click on Set Prices to set advanced pricing.
  • Clicking on set prices button will display you the pop-up screen with several options like below image

Step 2 Configure the settings

  • Date Range (optional) With this option, you can set special price for specific period of time. Select the date range between which you wish to set the advance price.
  • Quantity Range (optional) This option allows you to set special price based on quantity of the product. For example, Regular price is $25 and set advanced price $20 for the quantity range 2 and above. So if the product quantity becomes 2 or 3 then the unit price of the product will become $20.
  • Customer Group Select the customer group to which you offer this special. If you don't want to offer special price to any specific group then leave the customer group as Public.
  • Price Enter your price and click create button.

Frontend Demo

Video Tutorial:
The following video demonstrates how to set up advanced pricing on your store:

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