On update to 3.3.6

Starting from the release 3.3.6, when you install the latest version of J2Store on your site over an existing version, you might find a warning that looks like this:

Why it occurs?

This is just a warning. This warning indicates that there is already an existing version of J2Store available on the site and now a new version has been installed over an existing version.

Will this harm my site?

No, this warning wouldn't affect the site in any way. As mentioned before, this is just a warning and you could ignore this.

Due to the backward compatibility to earlier versions of PHP

Sometimes, you could find a warning like this on your site:

Why it occurs?

This warning occurs when you turn on Error reporting on your site's global configuration under System->Global configuration->Server tab.
This occurs since we provide backward compatibility to the earlier versions of PHP.

Will this harm my site?

No, this wouldn't harm your site in anyway. To overcome this, you could turn off the error reporting under Joomla global configuration.

Unable to save anything on the site

This might be because of two prominent reasons.

  • Database type

The database type should be set to MySQLi (the one that is supported by J2Store) under System->Global configuration->Server tab.

  • Caching

This issue might also be because of caching. Try clearing cache and disabling the site, browser and  server-side caching if any and then try saving the settings.

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