The plugin integrates J2Store with Sofort banking gateway.


Joomla 2.5 or laterJ2Store 2.8.x or later


Install the plugin via the Joomla Extension Manager.


Go to Joomla admin - J2Store - Set up - Payments -> Sofort banking

Payment option title:

A title for the method. This will show up in the checkout steps. Default: Sofort

Config Key:

This is your Live Sofort Account Config Key, which is used in Sofort Account.
-Register for a Merchant account at or log into your existing account.
-Go to: My Projects.
-Create a New Project and ensure that it is not in Test mode. Important: Use SOFORT Gateway Project; this has the correct key. DO NOT use SOFORT Classic Project.
-Copy the Configuration Key.

Sandbox Mode:

Before going live, you can test your store using the sandbox mode. IN LIVE SITE, THIS SHOULD BE SET TO NO.

Test Config Key:

If you set Sandbox mode to YES, then you have to enter the Test config key provided by Sofort here.

Geo Zone:

Set this to ALL if you are not sure of what to do.Advanced users: You can restrict customers from a particular geozone alone to use this gateway by selecting a geozone here.Choose all Geozones to show the payment method to customers of all Geo-regions.

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