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Special module positions

J2store offers special module positions to place the Joomla’s custom HTML module or any other modules(for example, cart module) in store pages.

  • Go to Extensions -> Modules and create new custom module.
  • Enter the title and set the status to Published.
  • Simple copy the module position from the list given below and paste it in the position search box and press Enter.
  • Assign the module to the menu and save.

Following are the custom module positions :

Product Category listing

j2store-product-list-top - Top of product category listing page

j2store-product-list-bottom - Bottom of product category listing page

Category listing position

Category list frontend view

Single product view

j2store-single-product-top - Top of product view layout

j2store-single-product-bottom - Bottom of product view layout

Item view position Item view front

Module Available module positions

Filter Section

j2store-filter-left-top - Top of left filter

j2store-filter-left-bottom - Bottom of left filter

j2store-filter-right-top - Top of right filter

j2store-filter-right-bottom - Bottom of right filter

Filters positions

Frontend view of filters Cart page

j2store-cart-top - Top of cart page

j2store-cart-bottom - Bottom of cart page

Cart positions Frontend view

Video Tutorial: Adding additional text inside cart page

Checkout page

j2store-checkout-top - Top of checkout page

j2store-checkout-bottom - Bottom of checkout page

Checkout postions Frontend checkout special module positions Checkout Results page

j2store-postpayment-top - Top of Checkout Results page

j2store-postpayment-bottom - Bottom of Checkout Results page

Checkout result positions Checkout results frontend Special Module Positions for J2Store Dashboard

There is also special module positions available for customizing J2Store Cpanel(Dashboard).

j2store-module-position-1 j2store-module-position-3 j2store-module-position-4 j2store-module-position-5

Go to Extensions > ModulesChoose Administrator sectionClick New and choose custom moduleEnter the name of the module and set the position to one of J2Store backend special module positions(given above). See the screenshots below,

Creating a new module

Custom module for special module positions Admin end