Image Popup

This app allows customer to view the product images (main image and additional image) in popup. The following features are possible with this app

  • Download the product image

  • Share and tweet in social media

  • Zoom in / Zoom out

  • Slideshow image


  • PHP version 5.4 or higher

  • Joomla version 3.x

  • J2Store 3.2.15 or higher


  • Use the Joomla installer to install the Image Popup app.

  • In Joomla backend, go to J2Store > Dashboard > Apps

  • Click Enable in the Image Popup app.

  • Click Open to configure the basic settings of the app.

Basic Settings

Popup method: The image will be displayed in the popup method selected here. There are three methods available such as Photo Swipe, Light Gallery, Fancy Box.

  • Photo Swipe: This method allows you to swipe the image in popup and you will be having the share feature to share or tweet the image in social media.

  • Light Gallery: This type of popup method display the image in gallery type and it has the feature of slideshow, zoom in and zoom out.

  • Fancy Box: This type of popup method display the image in small fancy box.


Popup image width (Photo Swipe): Set the width of the image to be displayed in Photo swipe method.

Popup image height (Photo Swipe): Set the height of the image to displayed in Photo swipe method.


Frontend Demo

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