Product filters

These are used to narrow out the search for a particular product.

In this page, first Fiter Groups are created and in each group some Filter Names will be added, and based on the Filter Name, products will be searched.

  • E.g., Filter Group : Clothing

  • Filter Names: Mens, Women, Kids

NOTE: If you are adding a large number of filters (1000+), make sure "max_input_vars" in your PHP.ini is set to a higher number as well

This is illustrated in the image below:

Adding filters to product

  • Go to Article manager > Open your product

  • Move to J2Store cart tab

  • Navigate to Filters tab

  • Type the first few letters of the unique name of the product filters in the search box.

  • It will display the search results in dropdown. Choose the filters from dropdown and save the product.


Video tutorial:

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