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How to create coupons for free shipping

This is J2Store PRO exclusive feature
Coupons preloaded with specific values enables customers to shop online with no shipping cost.
Create a coupon and add the details of the coupon such as Coupon Name,Coupon Code, Published ,Value, Valid from and Valid upto etc.
In the coupon creation page you will find an option FREE SHIPPING.Enable this to yes in order to make shipping free of cost.
Basic settings for creating free shipping coupons
Save the created coupon and a pop-up message stating “Coupon saved” will be displayed.
Enabling free shipping option in coupons
Navigate to J2Store->Setup->Shipping methods . Click on the create/edit/view option next to the free shipping plugin.
In the free shipping page you will find an option “REQUIRE A FREE SHIPPING COUPON”.Set the value as yes .
Enabling the free shipping coupon option in shipping plugin
Now a free shipping coupon is created . You can customize the coupon by limiting the product category,Product,Users , usage etc.
Applying the coupon on the frontend
Note : This method will only show up only when the user estimates the shipping post applying the coupon.
Video tutorial: