How to set up local store pick up shipping method

Many a times you might want to display a Store pickup option in the shipping method selection area of your site. Here is how it can be done.


There are two ways in which the local store pick up method could be shown on the store front.

  1. Renaming the free shipping.

  2. Creating a shipping method using the standard shipping method.

Renaming the free shipping:

Ideal for: The following method is ideal when you don’t intend to use the free shipping plugin for other purposes.


  • Navigate to J2Store->Setup->Shipping methods->Free shipping.

  • Click on the create/edit/view option.

  • Rename the plugin’s display name to Local store pick up.

  • Save the changes.

  • Now the free shipping would appear as Local store pick up at the frontend for users who choose the USA region at their address.

Video Tutorial:

Creating a shipping method using the Standard shipping method:

Ideal for:

This process is ideal when you wish to use the Free shipping to other purposes but wish to display a store pick up option to users of a certain region.


  • Navigate to J2Store->Setup->Shipping methods-> Standard shipping methods.

  • Click on the Create/edit/view option.

  • Click on the New option.

  • Set the name as Store pick up and define the other conditions if any

  • Click save and close.

  • Click on the set rates button next to the newly created shipping method.

  • Choose the geozone(you will have to create one already in J2Store->Localisation->Geozones) for which this shipping option should be available.

  • Set the rate as 0.

  • Click on the create button.

  • Now the frontend would show the shipping method for users of the chosen region.

Video tutorial:

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