Introduction to Partial payments

This app can help you and the users in case of products with higher costs. As the name goes,partial payments allows users to pay in installments . In this case, to meet your customers’ needs you might offer them the possibility to leave a deposit and make the full payment later. This kind of feature is now possible with our Partial payments app.There is an added advantage since the users get to choose if they want to pay the full amount or in segments.

Customers pay by either a fixed price or by percentage up front.You could also set up plans defining how the user can pay the amount. Sounds Great?

Here are the numerous features that come handy with this app:

  • Store admin can enable partial payment globally or at per product level.

  • Three types of partial payment types : Fixed price, percentage, plans.

  • Different types of partial payment plans can be created and added to the products.

  • Force customers to pay remaining amount after specific days from the day on which the initial payment has made.

  • Schedule future payments based on order status.

  • Send an email to customer when scheduled order is ready for payment.

  • Notify about payment pending to customer through mail on days after payment date.


  • This app can be downloaded from our site and installed using the default joomla installer.

  • Once installed, the app can be configured under J2Store-Apps.

  • Click Enable to enable the app.

  • Click Open to Open and configure the settings for the app.

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