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Assigning a product to multiple categories

With the conventional list layout, it is possible to organize products based on their categories. However, there is one catch. It is not possible to assign a product to multiple categories.

Overcoming this, now we have the tag layout where it is possible for a product to be assigned to multiple categories.

Steps to be followed:

  • Create tags that you wish to link with the product.
  • Create a product and add the tags to the product.
  • Create menus and link the tags with the respective menus.


Products like Coffee mugs should be available under two categories- Kitchen appliances and Gifts.

Steps to be done:

  • Create two tags:GiftsKitchen appliances
  • Create a product named coffee mugs.
  • Assign both the tags to the product article.
  • Create menu items of the type Product tag view:Kitchen appliances associating┬áthe tag kitchen appliancesGifts associating the tag Gifts
  • Now the product coffee mugs will be available in both Kitchen appliances and Gifts.

Likewise, we can assign products to as many categories as we wish.

Relevant Screenshots:

Creating tags Associating the tags with products


Gifts menu of the type tag view

The front end view is like this:

Kitchen frontend view Gifts frontend view