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Ordering products on your storefront

Organizing your products is an important factor to increase the user-friendliness of your store. The following article describes how your products could be organized.

Options available:

Ordering options could be found under Menu manager->Your product’s menu item->Common options tab-> Article order.

The following are the options:

Use global - This would display the articles in the order as specified on the Joomla Global c configuration(under System->Global configuration->Articles->Shared->Article order).  Featured products(articles) first- The products that are marked as featured, would be listed first followed by the others. Most recent first - The most recently created products/ articles would be listed first. Oldest first- This option would allow the product that are the oldest to be displayed first. Title alphabetical- With this option you could sort your products based on their titles in alphabetical order. Title reverse alphabetical- This option would sort the products in the reverse alphabetical order. Author Alphabetical- The products would be sorted based on their author names alphabetically.  Author reverse alphabetical- Products will be ordered based on their author names in reverse alphabetical order. Most hits- The products that have received most hits would be listed first. Least hits- The products with the least hits would appear first. Article order- The order in which they are sorted in the Content->articles part would be the order of the products at the frontend.

Video Tutorial: