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EBS Payment Plugin¨

This plugin adds EBS Payment Gateway integration with J2Store.


Use the Joomla installer to install the plugin. Make sure that your J2store version is atleast 2.0.2.


Go to Plugin manager and open the EBS Payments for J2store plugin. Fill in the parameters that follow.

Payment Option title The value entered here will be used as the title for this payment method. Customer will see this value when he checks out.

EBS Account ID Account ID provided by the EBS.

EBS Secret Key You can enable the use of a secret key to ensure sure transaction. Login to your EBS Merchant back end and go to Account->Settings. Request Preference. Note down the secret key and enter it in this parameter.

Enable Test mode If you set this to Yes, you can test your integration with the EBS.

Use the following test credentials Account Id : 5880 secret key : ebskey

Following Card no can only be used for testing phase:

Card No: 4111 1111 1111 1111 Exp Date: 07/2016 CVV: 123

Joomla Article ID for custom thank you message You can create a joomla article with a custom message and display when the customer returns to the site after makingpayment at EBS.

Support You can post your questions, if any, in click here