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Ogone Payment plugin¨

The Ogone Plugin enables you to receive payments via Ogone Payment Gateway. Getting a Ogone account is very easy. Look at more about Ogone here <link-text url =¨”target = ¨_blank”rel = ¨noopener¨> click here

NOTE: Please sign in for a test account at Ogone and then download the user guides for Configuring the Ogone account. Reading basic e-commerce integration and advanced e-commerce integration will be useful for developers.

The following links to download these guides are working as of March 10, 2015:

The plugin uses the E-commerce Integration method of Ogone.


  • PHP 5.2 or higher
  • Joomla 2.5.x
  • J2Store 1.0 or above

Installation Instructions

  1. Use the Joomla installer to install the plugin.
  2. In the backend, go to Extensions->Plugin Manager and open the OgonePayments plugin (type=j2store).
  3. Enable the plugin
  4. Enter the parameters (read the explanation about each parameter given below)
  5. Save and close it.

Now you can see the Ogone Payments as an option during the Check out process.


Ogone Vendor PSPID This is your Unique Merchant ID provided by the Ogone

Client Language This will set the language of the Ogone Payment Page. (Nothingto do with your Joomla installation. If no language is given en_US will be the default.

SHA-1 Signature This is the SHA-1 IN signature set up by you in the Ogonesettings (see below for the required settings to be done at your Ogone account). This ensure security of your transaction.

SHA-1 OUT Signature This is the SHA-1 OUT signature set up by you in the Ogone settings (see below for the required settings to be done at your Ogone account)

Ogone Test Account Ogone offers a testing suite. Before going live, it is advised to test your store using the Ogone test server. Read more about Ogone test account at the Ogone’s official website


Thanks Msg Joomla Article ID You can create a Joomla Article to say thanks to the users, who purchased in your online store. Enter the article ID here.

Required Ogone settings Default operation code

Sale: This will enable you to receive instant payment. Authorisation: This you have to either manually or automatically capture it.

For Sale, a successful payment will return Status code 9 and for Successful Authorisation, the status code is 5. Both the cases will be treated as Success and Confirmed by theOgone plugin.

NOTE: If you are selling digital goods, it is advised to use SALE as operation

The following parameters in your Ogone account (Technical Information) should be set as instructed below.

Hashing method (Tab: Global security parameters)

Should be set to SHA-1. The plugin will not work with the other methods. Refer the image below.


Checks for E-Commerce (Tab: Data and origin verification)

URL of the merchant page containing the payment form that will call the page: orderstandard.asp:

This should be set to click here

data and origin

Post sale configuration : (Tab: Transaction feedback)

This is required to update our database after the payment is done. Under the heading “Direct HTTP server to server request”, set both the URLs of the merchant’s post payment page as below:

Request method: POST

(see the picture below with example urls.)



Still have questions? You can post in our support forum: click here

Thank you for using our extension.