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Bring shipping plugin

Introduction Integrates J2Store with Bring, a popular shipping service in the Nordic area.


  1. PHP 5.2 or higher
  2. Joomla 2.5 or above
  3. J2Store 2.7.3 or above


  1. Use Joomla installer to install the plugin.
  2. At the backend, go to Extension -> Plugin Manager and open the Bring Shipping for J2Store (type=j2store).
  3. Enable plugin.
  4. Enter Plugin Params


  1. PID Key - You can get the PID (Identification key ) from here <link-text url =¨”target = ¨_blank”rel = ¨noopener¨> click here and enter the Key here. Without this key, the param will not work.
  2. From Postal Code - Enter the From (Origin) postal code. That the postal code of the place from which the goods will be shipped.
  3. Handling Cost - If you want add handling cost for your shipping, enter your handling cost.
  4. Display Delivery Time - This option used to display Delivery Date/time in Checkout page.
  5. Services - Choose product Services for display in Checkout page.
  6. Tax Class - If You want to add tax rate for your shipping, select tax profile.
  7. Geo Zone - By selecting a geozone here, you can restrict this Shipping method from showing to customers from only that geo-region. Choose All geozones to show this method to all customers.
  8. Debug: - Enable/ Disable Log file for Debug.

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